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Global Peace Foundation Celebrates World Peace Day By Dilip Butani & Kewal Kanda
October 26, 2019
October 26, 2019

This year again on July 24, 2019, Global Peace Foundation  (GPF), Inc. joined hands with One World Association to pack and donate more than 10,000 meals to send for distribution to needy children all around the World.  The food packaging drive deliberately involved a large number of youth and children to make them aware of the problem of hunger throughout the world, and to engage them in the efforts to overcome the problem of hunger.  Their enthusiasm, and the happiness on their faces while doing this work, was remarkable. There were more than 60 volunteers who worked 2 hours to package non-perishable nutritious vegetarian food, including soya powder, rice, dried vegetable and multivitamin pack.  This food will be distributed to needy children and families in various Asian countries including India through Rise Against Hunger.

The event was organized by Dr. Manorama S. Gupta, President of Global Peace Foundation, Inc., the funds for the purchase of the food items were raised through some donations from Dr Reddy, and others but most of it was from Dr Manorama S Gupta herself.

 Donations and the packaging work was carried out by the volunteers, families, and school children our Advisory Board members Ben Lai, Junko Ishikawa, Dr Caren Rich and our members who were present like Dipika Desai and others

My Sincere appreciation and thanks go to One World Association and their volunteers, Junko Ishikawa and her volunteers and our members and Advisory Board.  On behalf of the Foundation, Dr. Gupta expressed her heartful thanks to all those people who put time and money for this Noble cause.

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