Real Estate donations are another way to support Global Peace Foundation Inc..

Real Estate/Land Donation Form , Subject property address , Legal description of property & For Access

We are the nonprofit organisation for those wishing to give non-cash donations. Whether homes, vacant land, commercial buildings, industrial property, or even cars, boats, or planes, Real Estate Donations has the expertise to handle any type of donations. Our real estate, tax, and legal consultants are experts in the donation process. It is this commitment to quality and doing the job right that sets us apart.

We are committed to providing the best guidance throughout the process to achieve the highest possible tax deductions.

Property Type: Single-family residenceMulti-unit building with # unitsCommercial/industrial

Is your donation being made in memory or in honor of someone special? If so, please complete the following:

Please mail your donation, payable to the Global Peace Foundation, Inc., to:

Global Peace Foundation, Inc.
850 E Ocean Blvd # 1407
Long Beach, CA 90802