Global Peace Foundation Inc. Beach Cleaning and Festival of Color

Global Peace Foundation Inc. Beach Cleaning and Festival of Color
April 26, 2020
10,000 meals donation 2023
August 13, 2023

Long Beach CA   Global Peace Foundation Inc. organized a Beach Cleaning and Festival of Color on March 8, 2020 in Long Beach, CA.  The event had dual purpose: to celebrate an Indian festival, and to perform a community service by beach cleaning, to help the environment, protect marine life, and human health.  About 60 people, including some Non-Indian people as well as children, gathered together at Cherry/Junipero Beach to support the cause. The group carried out beach cleaning for about 45 minutes, by picking up discarded items and litter which would otherwise wash into the ocean during high tide.   The enthusiasm of the group was contagious – even other non-Indian beach goers who were in the area joined in the clean-up work.  This activity was enjoyed the most by children, for whom this lays a foundation for a lifetime of dedication to the environment and the community.  Food was arranged as potluck, so there were variety of food for everyone to enjoy.  Some singers in the group entertained the crowd by favorite melodious songs, which was followed by playing with colors.  The festival was so fascinating that even the non-Indians in the group joined in and enjoyed playing with colors.  This was a great way to expose the Indian Festival and the rich Indian culture to the non-Indians, who are already looking forward for next function.

Dr Manorama S. Gupta, the President of Global Peace Foundation, Inc., thanked all committee members and participants for their help and participation.  She also thanked the City of Long Beach for helping in coordinating the function, and for providing free parking for all our volunteers.  Other community members were so impressed that they were asking when we are arranging the next beach cleaning.  

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