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October 26, 2019
Tet parade Press Release 2 12 2019
October 26, 2019

IRVINE, CA – JUNE 01, 2019

Global Peace Foundation, Inc. celebrated Women’s Leadership Summit along with Mother’s and Father’s Day on Saturday, June 01, 2019 in IRVINE at Haveli Community Center. Over 200 people attended the event. 

The program started with a welcome speech by Event Chair – Dr. Asmath Noor. She welcomed the audience as well as speakers for the evening Dr. Anandhi Narasimhan, Mrs. Sumati S Rao – Consul of Community Affairs at CGI-SF, Mrs. Pratima Doshi, Mrs. Nalini Uka Solanki, Dr. Elham Madani, Nitesh Patel – Council Member, City of La Palma, and Farah Khan Council Member, City of Irvine, and all the advisory board members, committee members, and the guests.

Program started with singing of American and Indian National Anthems by Sampurna Dube. She was recognized with certificate by Consul of Community Affairs Mrs. Sumati Rao and Kewal Kanda.

Harkishan Vasa – Grand Sponsor and advisory board member of foundation introduced singer Anjal Jain. She sang some Bollywood songs in her beautiful voice. Anjal was honored with a plaque by consul woman Farrah Khan. There were a few other great singers – Subash Tolia and Henna Noor who mesmerized the audience with their sweet voices.

Councilman Nitish Patel and Consul of Community Affairs Sumati S Rao congratulated the organizers for the hard work they put for this grand event and appreciated the work they are doing in support of the community. 

Dr. Manorama Gupta introduced the Keynote speaker Dr Elham Madani – a Film producer and actress. In her speech, she talked about human trafficking. Dr Anandhi Narasimhan discussed about sexual Harassment which was well received by the audience. Mrs. Pratima Doshi spoke about women’s issues.

Dr Manorama S Gupta did a slide presentation about the vision of Global Peace Foundation Inc, it’s past and future activities specially how the foundation helped needy families and children. She told last year foundation donated and packed more than 10,000 meals to send all over the world for needy children and this year again we are planning to do the same. She appealed to audience that for this project we need money and volunteers. After the presentation Dr. Gupta and Dr. Noor introduced the committee members. Dr Manorama Gupta then introduced our Advisory Board members Ben Lai, Barry Simon, Dr Caren Rich, Dr Elham Madani and Harkishan Vasa and Junko Ishikawa. All these Board members were nominated due to their charity work. She thanked all supporters for their support without which this function would not have been possible 

Advisory Board members presented recognition plaques as well as certificates to the speakers, performers, and sponsors and thanked them for their valuable support.

Dr Sinduri’ daughter Vinaini and students from Savitri Arts Academy performed a beautiful traditional South Indian dance. The audience enjoyed the performance by young students that included a five-year-old girl.

 Harkishan Vasa and Bhupesh Parekh were recognized with plaques as community fathers and community mothers’ honors went to Mrs. Nalini Uka Solanki and Dr. Pammi Bevli. 

Junko Ishikawa did a slide-show program on youth program. Youth who volunteered for the event were honoured with the recognition certificates by committee member Kewal Kanda, Dr. Asmath Noor, and Dr. Manorama Sharma Gupta. 

Harkishan and Kusum Vasa, Avadhesh and Uma Agarwal were grand sponsors for the event. Drs. Krishna and Bramara Reddy donated money for Fight against Hunger. Dinner was catered by Darshan Singh of Ashoka the Great restaurant. The event was organized by Dr. Manorama Gupta – President, Dr. Asmath Noor – Event Chair, committee members – Kewal Kanda, Dilip Butani, Nila Parikh, Radhika Patel, Mohammed Islam, Dipika Desai, Dr. Pammi Bevli, and Ramesh Ramnani including advisory board members. There were lot of Raffle prizes donated by Suresh Bhatti and others.

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